Pre-congress tour

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and it is one of the oldest cities in the world and the oldest living city in Europe. In the Balkans, roads are crossing from all directions of the world, so different eras have left a beautiful prints in its posture. Historical monuments from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires adorn the face of the city. The life here is full with the fire of the ancient times and the flames of the future. Beauty and grace are built into the architectural heritage of the City under the hills, which also is an amazing cultural center. Not surprisingly, it is elected European Capital of Culture for 2019.

The Pre-Congress tour will be held in Plovdiv. The accomodation will be in hotel Plaza, a 3* hotel located just 3km from the city center and the Plovdiv‘s old city. Members of the local pharmaceutical students’ association, the Vice-Chairperson and the 2 General Secretaries of the Reception Committee will take care of you during this Pre-Congress adventure.

Dates: 19-22.04.2019
Registration fee: 180€

The programme: On the 19th of April we will travel from Sofia to Plovdiv (transportation included) and you will be accommodated in Plaza hotel after which you will have dinner in the hotel and later we will go to a local club (if you don’t feel tired).

On the second day (20.04) we will start with a breakfast in the hotel after which we will visit the old city and we will feel the magic and see the rich history which has passed by the city. After we finish our breath taking walk we will have lunch in a restaurant on the main street. At night you will have the opportunity to try the delicious Bulgarian food in a traditional Bulgarian restaurant.

On the third day (21.04) our day will start again with a breakfast in the hotel. After that we will go see the amazing city of Plovdiv and afterwards we will have lunch downtown. At night we will go to on of the best beer pubs in the city.

On the fourth and unfortunately last day (21.04) we will have our last breakfast in this hotel and then we will go back to the even prettier city of Sofia where the amazing congress and colleagues will be waiting for us.

P.s Both hotels (in Plovdiv & Sofia) have free parking, so our lovely collegues who plan to come with their cars wont have to worry about the parking issue

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Arrivals Breakfast
Breakfast Breakfast
Visiting the old city
Sightseeing Departure  –
Beginning of
AC 2019
Dinner in traditional
Bulgarian restaurant
Beer Pub