The capital and the largest city of Bulgaria.

Sofia is home to many major universities, cultural institutions and commercial companies. In addition, many ancient monuments dating from Roman times are preserved in the central city area. The history of Bulgaria is so old, that sometimes we even tend to forget it. We appeared on the map before 13 centuries ago and we are proud to write it with our own letters – the Cyrillic alphabet. Sofia is named after the ancient church – Saint Sofia and it means “wisdom”. Growing, but never aging!

The main “wonders” to see in Sofia are “Palace of justice”, “Sveta Nedelya Church”, “Statue of Sofia”, “Church of St. Petka”, “Museum of Sofia”, “Council of Ministers”, “Presidency“, “City Garden”, “Former communist Party Headquarters” (mainly used as Government offices and charity concerts),“National Theatre – Ivan Vazov”, “National gallery”, “Russian church”, National Palace of Culture, “Military club”, “St. Sofia Basilica”, “St.Alexander Nevski Cathedral” and many others.

Ancient Sofia has a great architecture and we recommend you to make a little tour with our guides around the “Council of Ministers”, “Presidency and National Theatre – Ivan Vazov”. Opposite the main entrance of the theatre there is a park ideal for relaxation after a long day of exploring the city, where in the company of friends you can admire the magnificent fountain in front of you.

Sofia has beautiful gardens, lakes, mountain and thermal springs. We will not be able to show you everything, but we hope to make you feel at home and see you again after the congress.

Bulgaria has amazing national cuisine, folklore and traditions and if you have a chance to try something new don’t miss it! Our grandmothers do not understand what organic food is, because all their food is organic. We are famous with our hospitality and joy when we share our homemade dishes. We are trying to do everything to the benefit of health; we even drink to health – “Nazdrave” (Cheers in Bulgarian).

With our strong spirit, we always work hard for a better tomorrow! Social life in Sofia is one of the best things. We have so many cafes, theatres, cinemas, bars and discos that you can’t stay home alone and with the fastest internet in Europe, you can get anywhere, anytime!

Don’t hesitate to send us a friendship request, we always have a place for one more!
Since we know that the people make the place, we believe that “United We Stand Strong”!