Social Programme

The 42th EPSA Annual Congress doesn’t end up with the educational programme! The fun continues through the night!

The 1st night of the social programme will be filled with spirit, action, rhythm, modern and positive mood and jazz inspiration … a night spent here is matchless and memorable for the numerous emotions.

By taking into consideration the fact that all of you have been travelling during this first day – the Opening will be in the Hotel. VITOSHA Live Club is a nightlife symbol who welcomes you and challenges you to live a spontaneous emotion, flavoured with reasonably dosed high-quality drinks and filled with passionate live music during the Opening Ceremony.

After that we are going to get to know each other with the 1st theme party at Club Caliente in the underground of the National Palace of Culture – NDK. As you may know “Caliente” means ‘’hot’’ in Spanish, so be ready to get heated, rock the dance floor, get a marker, put a white T-shirt/top and make unforgettable acquaintanceship.

Third night will be a special night for all the Bulgarians! We will make you familiar with our traditions in a typical Bulgarian restaurant in walking distance from the hotel. Great and crazy things are about to happen, enriched with surprises from the RC. Later on, we will continue the party in the bar of our main venue – Hotel Vitosha.

Brace yourself for International night! Take your most traditional food/drinks and NEVER ever forget where you are – Bulgaria, a country part from the Balkans (area known for alcohol resistance and strong livers).
The second theme party will be in a special place, called “The Egg” in the University of Sofia. The topic is a complete secret, but the only thing, we will reveal is the connection with magic.
Thinking outside the frame and by being trendy, we decided the dress code of the GALA to be "Suits & Sneakers". The location is a fancy place, called “Joy Station”- a real platform for last networking night and shared joy with EPSA people. Expect the unexpected!
The social programme will fill your spare time at Sofia with amazing events that guarantee an unforgettable experience. Enjoy it! The time is ticking!