We want to make you feel comfortable and have a great time in Bulgaria. So during the Annual Congress 2019 in SOfia every association will have a certain member from our RC taking care of you and being available for any questions or needs you may have.

The RC with our charming Helping Team and some colleagues studying history will be the guides at your disposal. We will try to answer every question you have regarding our beautiful history and architecture.

The starting point of our sightseeing will be Sofia University, you will be able to light a candle in our cathedral - St. Alexander Nevsky. If the weather happens to be sunny you will have the opportunity for a break in the park in front of our National Theаter -Ivan Vazov or walk among our most famous street - Vitosha Boulevard. You can try some of the Bulgarian cuisine, drinks and feel the atmosphere. Games and entertaining amusements will be planned for you.

After all of that you will have the chance to visit the ancient ruins from Romans time, which Sofia provides to our tourist.

Upps ! We didn’t announce you how you will get there… Well we prefer this to be a surprise, at least for now. ;)