Provisional Programme

Provisional Programme

22-28 April 2019, Sofia - Bulgaria !

Educational Programme

Through our years of work, we managed to create a big network of highly qualified lecturers in every field of the pharmaceutical science. Some of the lecturers are recognized world-wide and we are more than proud to work with them.

We can all benefit from the advantage to have educational symposiums, GAs, trainings and workshops in the hotel. The Educational Programme will take place in modern conference rooms situated in the Park Hotel Vitosha.

Some useful information

General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is EPSA`s highest decision body and constituted of 43 member representatives from 35 countries. Each EPSA member association chooses Official Delegates (ODs), who represent their organisation at the GA.

All congress participants are encouraged to attend the GA to hear about the newest advancements in EPSA and to participate in debates on the pharmaceutical students` future. Remember that everyone has a right to speak during the GA. You will learn more about EPSA, its regulations and the people who work to make all of it happen.

You can also actively participate in GA as scrutineers, meeting secretaries and photographers, in order to learn more about it please contact our Secretary General,


The symposium is a plenary session consisting of different talks delivered by key experts in the area concerning the topic of the event – “Non-communicable diseases – a serious threat of the modern world”. The symposiums are finishing with panel discussion with the speakers in which students are encouraged to ask questions and actively participate.


During the congress, a variety of parallel sessions, each tackling a different topic, are held for students to choose from. Workshops are interactive sessions in which students work towards pre-defined outcomes together or with professionals to find new ideas and solutions.


EPSA Trainings are participant-focused interactive sessions facilitated by EPSA Trainers.

The trainer plans the framework for the session, which is then shaped by the inputs of participants. Trainings usually focus on soft skills, i.e. personal competences that can be developed and strengthened (e.g. communication or stress management skills).

EPSA Trainings are a product of the EPSA Training Project, aimed at increasing awareness of soft skills and their importance. Soft skills are still being slowly developed in university curricula, but they are essential to seize the opportunities of modern professional and personal life.

For more information about the Training Project, please contact the Training Coordinator at

Science Excursion

The Science Excursion is a regular part of major EPSA events, meaning the Annual Congress, the Annual Reception, the Autumn Assembly and the Summer University. Through this activity, participants are able to learn more about the pharmacy field through an interactive visit to a pharmaceutical company.

Public Health Campaign

Public Health Campaigns aim to empower the general public and pharmacy students with correct information about different health aspects. Moreover, through this kind of activities, EPSA wishes to engage its members to learn how to interact with patients, how to share their scientific knowledge about health and how we can all improve the health problems our society is confronting with.

Career Fair

Career fair is the unique opportunity for you to talk with companies and academic institutions about your career. You will be able to see what pharmacists can do in different work environments and what kind of qualifications are needed for a specific position. You can practice your skills for future job interview and ask HR departments what they are looking for in job candidates. The Career Fair will be organised in a big hall and you will be able to walk around through a variety of pharmaceutical companies and their stands. Grab your printed CV and don’t be shy!

Chats with professionals

Chat with professionals (CwP) is the opportunity to chat with pharmacy professionals from various fields of pharmacy. This is a unique change to reach EPSA Alumni and interact in small groups with other professionals. You will be able to receive a lot of useful information from the main source, ask about day-to-day work life and maybe create your own vision for your future.

Meet Me Fair

The EPSA Meet Me fair (MMF) takes place during the EPSA congresses and is an open session where the different students` associations can present themselves to the other participants and share their experiences. Therefore, posters will be hung up on the walls and a representative of the association most times is standing there, introducing the association to the interested people around. It`s a big opportunity to take a glimpse on other countries` NGO work and get inspired and urge interesting talks.

Sports session

Concerning the topic of the AC, it is really important for our health to be active! We will show you different ways to easily maintain your body type in a good condition by doing different sports activity.
We don’t want to spoil the sport sessions, but we are advising you to take a swimsuit, some sneakers and register as quickly as possible when the registrations will be open! Just don’t miss to join, entertain yourself and have fun!