How to get there?

As the capital of Bulgaria, the easiest way to get to Sofia is by plane. There are 2 options from the airport to the hotel.

First one is of course taking a taxi, which will cost you around 7€ for the all car, that you will be able to divide with your friends.

The second option is taking the metro, which is also a fast and relevant choice.

The metro ticket cost 0,80 € /1,60 LV/ and you will have 7 stops before you reach the one you need to leave at – G.M.Dimitrov. On the metro station G.M.Dimitrov our lovely helping team is going to wait for you and show you the way to the hotel. The hotel is approximately 15 min walking distance from the metro station. You will have the opportunity to take a bus from the metro station and arrive to our hotel.

The choice is yours. :)

For those of you, who choose to come by car, we arranged free parking spots next to VITOSHA Park Hotel.