Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (BPhSA) is a nongovernmental students association, founded in 2007 in Sofia.
Today BPhSA represents more than 200 students studying in various pharmaceutical faculties in Bulgaria.

BPhSA pursues its activities to achieve the following objectives:
- to promote and protect the interests of the pharmacy students;
- to stimulate the scientific activity;
- to organize health campaigns, seminars and lectures;
- improvement of the qualification, helping for the professional realization and scientific development of the pharmacy students in Bulgaria;

Successfully organizes a number of Academies – BPhSA trade mark, among which:
• National Pharmaceutical Students’ Academy
• Alternative Academy of BPhSA
• Academy of success of BPhSA
• Academy of hospital pharmacy of BPhSA
• Healthy lifestyle Academy of BPhSA

- BPhSA carries out activities with the other pharmaceutical
associations from Plovdiv, Varna and Pleven, as well as The Association of Students Explorers, Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria, National Youth Forum;
- carries out activities in coordination with other non-government organizations like: Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, Regional Pharmaceutical College; Students in Bulgaria, National Youth Forum;
- the association is in partnership with multiple pharmaceutical companies and its events are covered by the media; Students in Bulgaria, National Youth Forum;
- the association takes part in organizing the ''Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Days" and actively participates in it;
- educates students and promote active participation in national healthcare issues;
- reinforces the role, communication and position of pharmacy students

BPhSA is a fulltime member of the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA), National Youth Forum and associated member of the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF).
Annually members of the association take part in various national and international congresses.
BPhSA also explore the world thanks to different exchange programs, as SEP, Erasmus+ and regularly welcome foreign students from all over the world.

BPhSA took part in different Twinnet projects, as well as Quatrino. Especially during the last year we were witnesses of an increasing interest about the association. Recently two Twinnets with Serbia and Slovakia were a successful fact and many other volunteers were interested in a collaboration with BPhSA.

Executives 2016/2017:

Antoaneta Balkanska- President
Irina Georgieva - Vice-President
Vasya Vlaina - PR
Yoanna Vladimirova - Treasurer
Maria Dineva - Secretary General

Executives 2017/2018:

Irina Georgieva - President
Victor Tenev - Vice-President
Svetoslava Ivanova - PR
Melis Hyuseinova - Treasurer
Ivaila Nenova - Secretary General

Executives 2018/2019

Ivalina Ivanova - President
Daniela Kalcheva – Vice-President
RadinaYordanova - PR
Greta Nikolova - Treasurer
Branimira Topova - Secretary General

*In addition to the Executives, annually we elect activity coordinators - Health campaigns Coordinator, Lectures and Training Coordinator, National exchanges Coordinator, Science Coordinator, IT coordinator, as well as Control Commission.

The last years our motivation for development came from the desire to organize an EPSA Annual Congress. Working hard through the years we manage to create a stable, dedicated and really experience Reception Committee at your disposal. Many of our RC members have been part of BPhSA Team and the new elected Executives will be part of our Helping Team. They will follow our steps in this amazing path and lifetime experience, called EPSA.
When we look back, we realized that “WE DID IT” all together and the magical emotion of the Congress is just about to come true! SO SOON, SO UNBELIEVABLE, SO TOP!